Non-Medical Care

Non-Medical Care

More Americans Seek Out Non-Medical Care

A series of stories appearing on May 28, 2004 through PRNewswire and other news outlets reported on a study released the day before by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). The study reveals that 36 percent of Americans are incorporating non medical types of care, what the study refers to as, “complementary and alternative medicines (CAM)”, into their health care regimen.

The government’s survey, the most comprehensive look yet at the use of alternative medicine in the US, found more than a third of American adults used some form of non-medical care in 2002. The study pointed out that those who went to chiropractors seem to have even less confidence in traditional medical care than others who had sought other forms of non-medical care.

Richard Nahin of the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, part of the National Institutes of Health, explained that more people are using natural products such as herbs or enzymes to treat chronic or recurring pain. He stated, “Many conditions are not easily treated with conventional medicine. It may be the public is turning to complementary and alternative medicine because it’s not getting relief from conventional medicine.”

The survey also showed that 19.9 percent of American adults reported having chiropractic care at some point in their lives; this represented approximately 40 million Americans in total. On a yearly basis the study showed that about 8 percent, representing about 15 million people, sought help from chiropractors during the previous 12 months.

Dr. Rachel’s Take

More than 1/3 of all Americans are seeking out complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)! This is an awesome opportunity for more Americans to learn to be healthy without drugs and surgeries. The study also shows that people whom sought out Chiropractic care had even less confidence in modern medicine. There is a good reason for this! They also found that people were seeking alternatives because the conventional medicine wasn’t helping or providing any relief. There is a good reason for this also.

Chiropractors teach patients about how the body works. The spine and nerve system have to be clear for every cell, tissue and organ to work correctly in the body. The nerve system is the communication pathway between your brain and your body. If this pathway isn’t clear because a spinal bone has been misaligned and is pressing on the nerve (vertebral subluxations) going to an organ, the organ CANNOT work properly which causes disease, and the resulting symptoms.

Our creator made our body with everything it needs inside of us to heal and take care of itself, as long as there is no interference in the communication center or lifeline (nervous system). Chiropractors remove the interference from the nerves coming out of the spine by correcting the vertebral subluxations (or CAUSE of the problem). Conventional medicine only treats the symptoms you are having not the cause of the problem. What is causing the organ or system to malfunction has to be removed. That is why Chiropractic patients have less tolerance and confidence in the medical field. They realize their body can heal itself if their nerve system is working properly, and removing the cause of the problem verse treating the symptoms, allows for this healing to take place.

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